The best bit of the Bib!

The best day hike of our group so far!!

It started off looking dodgy- as I pulled out of my driveway the rain was pelting down and there looked to be no end in sight. The group had always said that we would hike on our chosen day no matter what; rain, hail or shine! With all out wet weather gear packed we were ready for a soaking. An hour later as we pulled off the highway to the “Sullivan Rock Picnic Carpark” the rain eased up and as we started walking it stopped.

We chose to do the section from the Sullivan Rock carpark to the Monadnock campsite and return, a total of 16km. The trail starts off with a steep walk up the granite outcrop that is Sullivan Rock. As it had been raining we were extra cautious, because the slick rock was slippery. From there it was some undulating forest and then the two steep climbs up Mt Vincent and Mt Cuthbert. So ok, Perth’s hills aren’t exactly the Himalayas, but the two “peaks” had very steep paths to get up to them. The views from the top were amazing though!! We all absolutely loved the fact that it was so dark and broody too – it felt like something from Armageddon or something, it was that dark! We decided to go onwards to the Monadnocks campsite, on the way we cross paths with some people that camped there the night. They must of had a wild windy night there! After about 4km we got there, and by this stage lunch was most needed! The campsites along the Bibbulmum track are fantastic – basic shelters with wooden platforms to sleep on, some tables, water tank and drop toilets. These are located about a days walk apart, so technically the 6 weeks the Bibbulmun takes could be done tentless, it’s still recommended to carry one, because the shelters can get full up.

Anyway after lunch we walked back. It felt quicker, but it felt harder climbing back up the two peaks from this way, even more steeper then on the way! By now more clouds were rolling it, it was getting so dark, and it was only 2pm. Winter had truly arrived to Perth today. We finished our hike without a drop of rain on us. Got into the car and as soon as we pulled out of the carpark, boom! Pouring rain!

Luck was on our side, my back (which had been troubling me on some of the past hikes) was feeling great, and I felt awesome after walking 16km! It was great that Mrs Y could make it to this hike with us usual suspects as well. Overall – Awesome!

Stormy views

Lovely ladies

Finally some flat!

More storms a'coming!

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2 Responses to The best bit of the Bib!

  1. Helen says:

    Lovely photos of your walk. Hopefully I’ll get to do this section of the track soon. I think my friend said that they built the track from north to south so the hills are normally steeper heading north – they wound gently up the hills then just dropped straight off the other side when building it! This would be the opposite to how you found it though?

    • annathrax says:

      Definitely opposite with these two “peaks”. Or maybe im just getting old and tubby! Lol. You gotta do this section, i didnt know we had views like this. It was gorgeous!

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