Ellis Brook Valley

In typical Perth fashion for this time of year I am writing as the rain falls, it’s super cold and my daughter is home from school sick with a cold. Yet the week before it was a balmy 23 degrees, Spring was in the air and we felt good and ready for a hike! That’s September in Perth for you – an alternate between winter and summer in the space of a few days! Anyway with the sun gloriously shining on a Saturday after so many weeks of rain I decided to take Miss A out on a trail she hadn’t been on yet. I had read reports that the Sixty Foot Falls in the Ellis Brook Valley nature reserve were finally flowing, so I knew this was the time to do it before they dry up again for another year.

The park is only located about half an hour from my house, making it a quick and easy morning trip for us. At only 2.1km the loop is a relatively short walk, but it is very steep and rocky going up to the top of the falls. Once at the top I sat and caught my breath while Miss A does what she does best – get her shoes wet in the mud even though I told her not to! lol. Oh well, I let her have her fun and made my husband wash her shoes when we got home! hahaha. Along the way back down we also passed the old Barrington Quarry, where sometimes if you are lucky you can see abseilers and rock climbers. This time we didn’t, but I had seen some before. After a few hours we headed back home – happy to have got some sunshine on us after such a long crummy winter, and looking forward to hopefully more weekends like this in the coming weeks!

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20 Responses to Ellis Brook Valley

  1. A waterfall I didn’t even know existed. Thanks for the write-up. One to check next Winter 👍

    • Anna says:

      Yeh this is a good but doesn’t last as long as Lesmurdie Falls. There is also another trail here called the “blue wren” trail which is great for birdspotting, but daughter was too tired to try this one! I saw some beautiful birds on that trail last time i was here back in March. Worth a walk! Cheers.

  2. yololah says:

    Looks glorious Anna. And nothing beats Perth in sunshine. Did you splash in the water too? God’s own country eh?

  3. Toonsarah says:

    Good to see you both out enjoying some spring sunshine, just as we’re heading into autumn here!

  4. Reading this post on a rainy day, too, but the sun shines through this post and made me smile (especially at that part where your hubby was made to clean the shoes 😂)!

    Lucky girl, she has a mom like you! 💛 Hope her cold goes away soon!

  5. Glad you managed to take advantage of the reasonable weather. Wonderful photography with such vibrant contrasting colours and choice details. I particularly like the unexcited streaks of pink with those flowers.

  6. thebeerwanderer says:

    Sounds like you enjoy telling people what to do. lol Nice to have a short but steep hike nearby. It beats the stairmaster. 😉

  7. Bama says:

    It’s so nice to live just half an hour away from a place like this. I was planning to go hiking again sometime this year before the rainy season starts. But the thing is, it has kind of started, thanks to La Niña which is already in its third consecutive year! Hope you’ll have a nice transition to winter, Anna.

  8. lexklein says:

    Ahh, always a great day when winter finally withdraws. Miss A is looking so tall; she was just a little girl when I started following your blog! Here’s to more sunny days ahead for you two!

  9. Beautiful! Sigh. Personally would rather go hiking than to school, but hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

  10. Cindy says:

    Hi Anna, baby A is not really a baby anymore 😂 Greetings Cindy

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