I Finally Climbed Bluff Knoll

It only took 40 years but I finally managed to get down south from Perth and finally conquer one of the states most iconic landmarks!

After two years of no travel, and a very rough start to my year 2022 I decided it was time to do something for myself, that I had wanted to do for a long time. Lucky for me, my old high school friend, Miss K was up for taking a day off work and making an extra long weekend out of it. So I booked a cute chalet in the small township of Porongorup and head down for a 4 day long weekend.

Bluff Knoll is the great southern region’s highest peak, at 1099 metres. Located in the magnificent Stirling Ranges National Park, these ancient peaks climb up from the broad sweeping flat landscape that is predominant in our part of the country. While 1099m might be nothing to alot of you overseas, for us Australian’s it’s pretty damn high! The climb, subsequent snack stop at the top, and then back down took a round trip of about 4 hours for us. It;s only a 6km round trip but this trail is UP UP UP! It is very steep and full of steps. Going up was hard for my unfit self, and going down was hard because my knees were screaming at me! The climb definitely taught me that if I my dream of ever doing the Everest Base Camp trek is to happen I better sharpen up my fitness big time!

this hurt!

We were blessed with the most beautiful hiking day anyone could ask for. Being late April, the mornings were starting to get fresh and the chance of bad weather coming in grows as we head towards winter, but for us we had a glorious chilled morning that warmed into a pleasant enough day to not get too hot. I can’t imagine doing this in summer, but I also can’t imagine doing this in winter! Alot of people do climb in the winter as it’s one of the only spots in Western Australia that can get snow on the top! With winter climbing though comes inherit risk – the trail is narrow in parts. It has loose rock and can slip easier in the wet. Many people have died falling over the edge of the trail, or of course getting too close to the edge for that “perfect insta selfie”. It was really high up the top…. I kept well back and definitely didn’t get close to any overhangs.

Overall I could not have asked for a better experience of Bluff Knoll. I had such a good time with my friend, the views were stunning, and the hiking was glorious. I will definitely come back and bring Miss A along when she is a bit older and will appreciate it.

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29 Responses to I Finally Climbed Bluff Knoll

  1. Congrats on a huge achievement. Great pics and post!

  2. Toonsarah says:

    Gorgeous views and worth the pain I’m guessing – although I know I couldn’t make this. I’ll claim old age but truth is I wouldn’t have done it at your age either 😆 Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough start to the year, I hope things are looking up now? I have to say it’s good to have you blogging again!

    • Anna says:

      Thanks Sarah! Haha yeh I though I better get this done now at 40 because if I keep leaving it I’ll never get up the bloody thing! It was An amazing day and worth the three days after of not being able to sit on the toilet without grimacing in pain! Lol. Things are looking up now yes… mum wasn’t well health wise and was in hospital a lot but she has recovered and things looking better now. Thanks xxx

  3. Looks beautiful. Love the view from the top! Maggie

  4. thebeerwanderer says:

    Cool looking peak, Anna. Glad you took the time to get away with a friend and conquer one of those things you’ve put off. It’s a great time to do that now!

  5. lexklein says:

    That looks like a magnificent hike! Worth it for that top view alone. I bet you could whip yourself into Everest Base Camp shape in no time!

  6. Certainly is an iconic trail. You mention summer – I did climb it in Feb this year. Was sweating until about half way. By the time we made that huge left turn nearer the top the wind was howling and the cloud rolled in. Luckily we were prepared with extra layers. I then had an amazing adventure a few weeks ago doing the Stirling Ridge Walk. Up Ellen Peak, Pyoongerup Peak, Bakers Knob, 3rd Arrow, 2nd Arrow. 1st Arrow, Isongerup Peak, Moongoongoondrup Hill, Easy Bluff and up to Bluff Knoll. 28km in 2 very long days. Brutal terrain. Very difficult to navigate, so happy I was with experienced friends. Certainly was ‘leg day’ x 2

    • Anna says:

      Oh wow Lou! I’ve heard that ridge walk is no joke! I would love to try it one day but I definitely don’t have the experience to do it alone. I’ve heard it’s really difficult, no proper trail as such etc. It must have been great up there though! I was just amazed with bluff knoll…. How the clouds roll in. The change of weather up the top. I’m sure even in summer it’s cold up there! Thanks for visiting! X

    • Anna says:

      Ps. Will you write about the ridge walk on your blog? Would be cool to see/hear about it!

  7. Bama says:

    Bluff Knoll looks both imposing and beautiful! When you said 1,099 m is high, I realized that Australia is more like a vast flat continent with a few hill ranges here and there. Never really thought of it that way before. I hope one day you’ll make it to the Everest Base Camp!

    • Anna says:

      Haha yes Bama, most of this huge country is just FLAT! With the odd mountain popping up here and there. Thanks for the visit and words of encouragement… I’ll get to EBC I’m sure of it!

  8. David F says:

    Wow! What beautiful images! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bluff Knoll! Thanks for sharing.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks for the visit David. Yeh Bluff Knoll is 45 mins out of Albany here in WA. A great mornings hike indeed. Loved your Larapinta post, thats a hike on my list. Cheers.

  9. awtytravels says:

    Lovely! Funnily enough, we just watched a film from that area (I recognise some toponyms, like Albany). It’s called ‘Rams’, with Sam Neill trying his best not to let his Kiwi accent come out.

    • Anna says:

      Lol why on earth were you watching Rams? I didnt know that it made it out of Australia! The movie was filmed in mount barker, which was like 10 minutes from where we stayed. I have more posts to add so you will see more in the future, which with my level of posting will be long into the future. Lol. Thanks for visiting Fab, lovely to hear from you!

  10. Monch Weller says:

    Congratulations for crossing out an item on your bucket list!

  11. Len Kagami says:

    Wow! The view from the top is just breathtaking 🙂

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