Perth’s Best Day Hike?

It’s quite possibly a big call to make, but the perfect day hike accessible from Perth for me personally would have to be Sullivan Rock to Monadnock Campsite. I have done this numerous times over the years and it never fails to impress when you reach the top of the “mounts”. This day hike is probably the most popular section on the 1000km long Bibbulmun track, so it can also make for a good overnighter if its your first solo hike – there are plenty of people around so you aren’t totally alone if you need help.

This hiking season I did this as a day hike and then an overnight hike to try out some of my gear. Its only 8km each way from the carpark on Albany Highway to the Monadnock campsite… so 16km for a day hike, or split overnight. While that doesn’t sound much it was definitely a challenge with a pack containing my tent, , sleeping bag, cooking stuff and of course, a cheeky dessert! While the elevation isn’t much either, climbing the two “peaks” of Mount Vincent and Mount Cuthbert are quite tough, as its a very steep climb and of course, the aussie sun, even in Spring, can be quite brutal. The views from the top are stunning though, and well worth the effort. I do love our unique West Australian scenery!

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9 Responses to Perth’s Best Day Hike?

  1. Toonsarah says:

    What fantastic views and a wonderful landscape! Your photos show it off very well, especially the panorama shots. That last one is a stunner!

  2. thebeerwanderer says:

    Looks like a great hike but I’ll be sure to do it early in the morning to avoid the heat…something you don’t seem to do. lol

  3. lexklein says:

    That’s what I need – a manageable overnight hike to test my equipment … and acclimate my non-camping husband! Your views are great!

    • Anna says:

      Hahaha yes always start with an overnighter especially for the husband! Even though only for one night it’s just so nice to get away from home life and be in nature!

  4. I do love that area, especially sitting at the top of Mt Cuthbert looking East.

    • Anna says:

      Yep it’s beautiful…. Although with a cold easterly blowing it can get chilly real quick! We couldn’t hang around too long!

      • Yes last time I was there it was freezing in The wind. I had been having a terrible with work so may have done a big shout out of sorts into the wind to let out some frustration. 🤣

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