For those that love Roman ruins you just have to get yourself to Jerash! Located an easy hours drive north of Amman these ruins are reknown for their amazingly preserved buildings and monuments. The ruins are said to be some of the biggest and best outside of Rome, and once you get to the site you can see why – it is a huge area full of columns, facades, arches, paved roads, temples, plazas and theatres. The years might have taken their toll on other Roman sites around the world, but with the hot dry desert air the ruins of Jerash have had the chance to withstand the test of time and still stand as a testament to this mighty dynasty to this day.

We spent about 3 hours here exploring, which was ample time to visit this sprawling complex from Amman. Starting at the ticket gate (entrance 8JD) you will pass through a large souvenir market and a cafe before hitting Hadrian’s Arch. The tip I offer you here, especially in the peak of summer is to buy a hat or headscarf if you do not already have one, and buy a bottle of water, because once in you will walk for quite a while through a sprawling desert like complex with minimal shade. I would also definitely recommend a guide who can share the history of the area and pinpoint certain features, or at least have a guidebook so you can learn a bit about Roman life in this city known as Gerasa back in the day.

For me personally Jerash was a highlight of Jordan that once again exceeded my expectations (a common theme of my time in Jordan- expectations were always exceeded). You know, you can read blogs, see photos, and google beforehand, but nothing can prepare you for how large the city was, and just how well preserved it is. Even with quite a few tourists around, it isn’t hard to find a quiet place, to immerse yourself in times past, and just picture ancient Romans walking around on the remarkable roads and paths of the city. Jerash really is a special place and I highly recommend a visit here!

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7 Responses to Jerash

  1. thebeerwanderer says:

    Looks great, reminds me a bit of the ruins in Sicily. Did you hire a guide with four-wheel drive or drive yourself and get a guide at the site?

    • Anna says:

      Rich, i was part of a small group tour so
      We had our own guide the whole time.
      There were guides for hire at the entrance if you arrived by your own transport.

  2. lexklein says:

    Your photos look like postcards! I can see what you mean about the excellent condition of the ruins and against that blue sky, they are stunning. I’m slapping myself for not taking an extra few days and heading to the north of the country!

  3. Amazing! So many columns. As you said, from the photos it surpasses many other Roman sites

  4. toonsarah says:

    Great photos! If ever I get around to sorting our old 35mm slides from our Jordan trip I’ll be back here to help me identify the ruins we photographed đŸ™‚ And boy, I remember the heat – everyone from our small group standing in lines while listening to the guide so we could all be in the narrow strip of shade provided by the columns!

    • Anna says:

      Hahaha I remember the Brits trying to find shade and us Aussies just standing the in the sun not caring much at all. Lol. It really is an amazing place that I’d love to bring miss A to in the future! Thanks for your visit x

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