A Dream Came True….. Jordan!

So I returned last month from an amazing tour of an amazing country that I had been dying to visit for years – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, or otherwise known simply as Jordan!

I have read many a blog over the years where people wax lyrical about a travel destination being “life changing”. I’ve always scoffed at this… we go on holidays, we have a great time, our eyes have been opened, we learn so much, yet we still go back home and within a day of returning we are back at work, back making the school lunchbox that doesn’t get eaten, rushing off on the school run etc. Life hasn’t changed at all. The same thing happened this time upon my return from Jordan, but this time something was a bit different. Not insta-life changing-omg I’ve had a spiritual moment type of change, but I did return home re-energised. I returned home with a new found appreciation for the middle east, a region we are all quick to judge sometimes a bit negatively. I returned home truly loving a country. I mean, I’ve liked alot of countries I’ve visited over the years, but I actually feel a bit warm and fuzzy when I think of Jordan (and trust me I’m not a warm and fuzzy person, usually I’m a bit of a miserable cynical bitch lol).

Anyway Jordan was great, and I have soooo much to write about, but I still haven’t finished writing about our France/Spain trip from last year and I am lacking real motivation in writing lately as I am too busy exploring blogs and reading. So here are some photos of the places I visited and the rest of Jordan will come in the following year or so. 🙂

The Citadel in Amman
Roman ruins of Jerash
Mt Nebo looking over to the holy land
Mosaics of Madaba
Kerak crusader castle
Petra (of course)
Little Petra
Wadi Rum
The Dead Sea
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25 Responses to A Dream Came True….. Jordan!

  1. I wonder if our paths crossed at all as we went to most of the same places. Did you also go to Dana Reserve? If not a reason to go back. We plan to go back and hike with the Bedouin guide from Dana to Little Petra. It’s a 4 day three night walk cross country. I so agree with you that Jordan is a wonderful country and a good example of a friendly Middle Eastern country that is open to visitors and well organized. You are right to say that people make assumptions about the ME but traveling to Jordan shows you a country that is welcoming to all, respectful to women and a safe place to travel. Lovely post and photos.

  2. lexklein says:

    I love your enthusiasm for Jordan and the feelings it produced. I look forward to hearing more, but I totally get the lack of motivation to sum it up in words right now – story of my recent life! We also had a great time in Jordan, but interestingly, we were there during Ramadan and really did not get the social experience we might have otherwise, so that’s another reason I am eager to hear about your time there.

    • Anna says:

      You could be waiting a while! Lol. But I really should try while these thoughts are swirling in my head. I’m guessing Jordan in Ramadan would be a different experience. I am dying to go back with the family in tow now! Will wait a few more years for Miss A to get older (currently at 7 I think two days walking around Petra would be a bit too much).

  3. It brings me delight to know that Jordan has had a lasting impact on you and has stayed with you long after departing. Your pictures are beautiful. The Citadel is my favorite spot in all of Amman, the perfect spot for beautiful lush views of Amman and some peace and quiet. I do hope you have the chance to visit again -I might make you alarge pot of mansaf!

    • Anna says:

      Oh I absolutely loved your country! I wish I could have stayed longer! And Mansaf was a great dish – I will take up your offer and you can make me some when I return (which I will, as I want my daughter and husband to see this beautiful place)

  4. How wonderful! I’m happy that you have a lasting pleasant feeling from a memorable trip. I’ve found it interesting reading about how the Hashemites came to rule Jordan. I have so many questions! I’ll limit myself to: who made the Mosaics of Madaba? It appears to be Greek writing?

  5. thebeerwanderer says:

    Glad you finally made it and it lived up to and it seems surpassed your expectations!

  6. Henry Lewis says:

    I agree. Jordan is a fascinating travel adventure!

  7. Looks like a really exciting place to go to. An eye-opener, certainly

  8. P@rth...☺ says:

    Trip of Jordan is good
    😊but congratulations for baby girl🤗😇

  9. toonsarah says:

    I’m looking forward to indulging myself with a good read about your time in Jordan. I do know what you mean about that phrase, ‘life-changing’. It’s over-used and for most of us a trip, however wonderful, doesn’t change our lives. What it can do however, and importantly, is change our mindset. Your perception of the world, or one part of the world, shifts a little, and those changed perceptions stay with you and shape your thinking, your reaction to news stories, your conversations and your plans for future travel. So to that extent you might say your life has been changed, but not in any material way 🙂

    • Anna says:

      You’ve said it exactly how I think of it, but I am not eloquent enough! Lol. Every holiday, especially to a not so typically “touristy” changes us little by little. Well put Sarah!

  10. Away We Go says:

    Really great detailed post, nice pictures! We still haven’t been out that way but it is definitely a must-see!

  11. We want to see the wonders of Jordan some day soon for sure. And your posts are really inspiring. My biggest concert is safety, how did it feel visiting a rather volatile region like the middle east?

    • Anna says:

      Jordan is an amazing place and I felt totally safe there! The people are super friendly and very hospitable. Security is very good in major hotels and tourist sites because Jordan needs tourism so they really do try and take care of them. I never felt unsafe at all there, and I cannot wait to bring my daughter when she grows up a bit more and will appreciate such a wonderful place. Just go! You won’t regret!

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