French Riviera trip – Oceanographic Museum

A must do when visiting Monaco, especially with a child in tow, would have to be to visit the famous Musee Oceanographique de Monaco. This museum is absolutely fantastic, and will keep your child (big or small!) entertained for a few good hours.

After entering the museum the first port of call would have to be the Aquarium. Now, compared to other aquariums I’ve been to here In Australia this one doesn’t have the “wow” factor of a huge underwater walk through aquarium, or like our one here in Perth we have a ‘conveyor belt’ that takes you around a loop and as you look up the sharks and rays are swimming above your head. This museum doesn’t have that, but what it does have that our one in Perth or Sydney doesn’t have is the variety of species. I couldn’t believe just how much this one had!!! We saw fish we had only ever seen in books and documentaries. It was amazing to see a piranha for real, and to see other super rare species that you only read about in books   


After the aquarium we went to the history part of the museum, which was just as amazing. It was so cool to see the numerous skeletal remains of animals, and also the huge variety of stuffed animals on display. A real educational experience for the kids and adults alike. They also had an amazing light show every hour, where lasers lit up the skeletons hanging from the ceiling. In the other hall opposite they had maritime research history which was really fascinating too. Old maritime instruments, remnants of arctic expeditions and that sort of stuff.

Once we had explored the inside we took a lift to the very top to take in the views of Monaco and the sea from the roof. It was here that we made the discovery of an awesome playground, which is a relatively new addition to the museum. Most people missed this, as its behind the toilet blocks and is not well sign posted. But once on the roof, if you walk around behind the toilet block, you’ll come across a turtle sanctuary and an amazing rooftop playground for the kids. My girl had a blast climbing up onto the replica whale skeleton.

Which famous explorers have sat in this room?

Overall this museum is a must  if you are ever in Monaco. Even if you don’t have kids you will find the huge array of living animals amazing, as well as the various specimens from past scientific expeditions. Anyone with an interest in the olden days of maritime exploration or science would love this. It is well worth its kind of hefty price tag of 14 euros for adults and 7 euros for kids age 4-12. It sounds steep but you get to see a lot for that price and I think its worth it.

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4 Responses to French Riviera trip – Oceanographic Museum

  1. thebeerwanderer says:

    Something this big kid would enjoy, too and even without a conveyor belt. 😉

  2. awtytravels says:

    I really like those neo-classical rooms with whale skeletons and giant squid hanging from the ceilings. Exactly the sort of décor I’d have if I were an extravagant billionaire!

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