French Riviera trip – Monaco

Monaco needs no introduction. I am also sure Monaco does not need another blog post written about it. The world knows that Monaco is the home of the rich and glamorous, that it hosts one of the best grand prix races of the season, that you can see fancy mega yachts that the average person can’t even imagine could be so amazing. Monaco is all that, and for the average tourist who spends half a day there on a bus tour, or comes off a cruise for a 3 hour tour, that is what they will see – the harbour full of superyachts, the old town with the royal palace, and perhaps a check in at the casino. But stay a few days and there are little pockets of the ‘average’. Go to the same restaurant a few times out of the main harbour area and you’ll meet waiters that will remember you from the day before and find you a table even though its packed with locals. Walk from Cap d’Ail and you’ll pass the hospital, the car dealerships, the mechanics, the every day mundane businesses that every city needs, even one that is all glitz like Monaco. There is even the good old shopping mall of Fontvielle, complete with McDonalds for those that need it.

We were most fortunate to be staying a week just outside of Monaco in Cap d’Ail. For us it meant that we could take our time with Monaco. We ended up going into the city nearly every day. It was nice to go early before the heat to explore the old town and its palace and narrow streets. After a day exploring Nice we went back to Monaco for dinner and take a stroll around the harbour at night. On the day that was looking a bit sketchy weatherwise we went to the aquarium. Don’t forget the exotic garden at the very top of Monaco either – its views are outstanding!

Basically, give Monaco more time than the 3 hour rush off a cruise ship if you can. It isnt all the rush and glitz of a big city. Take the time to explore the local market at Place d’Armes, enjoy a coffee nearby with the locals, stroll the streets and enjoy the spectacle of the rich and famous with their little poodle dogs decked out in Louis Vuitton.


The royal palace


Port de Fontveille



Exotic Garden views


Palace and old town from the exotic gardens


Monaco’s beautiful train station


Every yacht needs a basketball ring!


Opera house at night


You aren’t a tourist until you’ve paid 20 euros for an icecream sundae at the Cafรฉ de Paris overlooking the casino!

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13 Responses to French Riviera trip – Monaco

  1. thebeerwanderer says:

    Went back to Nice a couple years ago after a 35-year absence and loved it. It’s an amazing area and D has a good friend there so hope to spend more time there soon, and do some hiking. Hopefully, we can make it back over to Monaco, too.

    • Anna says:

      Hope you get to go soon. I saw in Monaco there is a trail that starts from there and goes all the way to Switzerland. I think called via alpina or something,

  2. awtytravels says:

    I remember once seeing, in Monaco, a car jam of Lambos as another such supercare was trying to S-park into a tiny space in a street going uphill, all whilst a kindergarten had a big terrace overlooking it all, decked with fake grass. It made, don’t know why, a lasting impression in me.

  3. Some absolutely gorgeous photography! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Another very interesting post!

  5. ourcrossings says:

    Great post and fantastic photos, we had a chance to visit Monaco last summer and we fell in love with coastal scenery and it’s old town ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Away We Go says:

    Wow, Monaco looks like a real treat! Is it pretty expensive to travel around there? It looks like it’s home to only million and billionaires.

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