The Eagle View Trail

Located half an hour out of the city proper, John Forrest National Park is a perfect chance for city slickers and visiting tourists to get out and sample what the typical bush scenery of Australia’s south west is all about. With its proximity to Perth, this of course means that the park is one of Perth’s most busiest, which for those seeking solitude might not be welcome. But if you are a solo hiker, or someone hiking for the first time, than this park is perfect as the trails are superbly maintained and there is always someone close by enough should you need a helping hand.

On the last warm days of autumn before winter kicked in, our hiking group decided it was time to start the season again. 3 of us went and explored the Eagle View trail in the park. We have done this trail numerous times in the past, but it never disappoints, and at 15km it is the perfect length for a practice hike. As always the view at the rocky outcrop over the city was fantastic, but we prefer not feeling like we are too close to the city so we kept going to delve more into the park (many tourists walk in and out to the eagle view lookout point as it is a great viewpoint to see the whole city). As we got more into the park we noticed a small burnoff, which is a ‘controlled burn’ by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. This is done in the cooler months to burn leaf litter on the ground which can cause huge problems with bushfires in the summer months. This led to a small section of the trail being very smoky and irritating to the eyes/throat for me, but overall nothing major to be concerned about.

Another great thing about this hike for those who are first timers, or for those who just want a treat at the end of a long day, is that there is a tavern (pub) at the carpark! So for those wanting an ice cold beer, or a nice steak and salad after a long days walk, you can get it at the end of your hike! I would definitely recommend this hike for anyone visiting Perth and wanting to see a snippet of the aussie bushland, or for those who want to get more into hiking/outdoor fitness and are not experienced at it.




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8 Responses to The Eagle View Trail

  1. lexklein says:

    Great to have a good hike so close by! Here in Texas, it’s a good hour+ to get to any real hiking and even there, it’s flat flat flat!

  2. stephytchan says:

    Such a beautiful trail!! Definitely adding it to my list for when I’m next in Oz!!!


  3. awtytravels says:

    That doesn’t look too autumnal to me! Interesting about the controlled fire, is it done because there aren’t animals to eat the undergrowth?

    • Anna says:

      That’s right mate. The Aussie bush is so dry, and a lot of the leaf litter is very ‘waxy’ that there isn’t much to eat it. It’s like tinder in the summer – one cigarette butt and the whole forest catches fire big time. So they burn it off in winter to minimise potential damage in summer.

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