Bells Rapids

Another little gem of a spot that I hadnt been to before, yet had always heard of, was the area known as “Bells Rapids”, located in Brigadoon, northeast of Perth in the Swan region. This spot is famous to the people of Perth because in August it is a great vantage point to check out the “Avon Descent”, a canoe/kayak race that takes place over a weekend and utilizes the winter rains (that we hopefully will get each year!). We came for the bushwalking opportunities around the area, and as it was June, it was still too early for any rain to weave its magic and create the rapids and whitewash that makes the canoe race so popular for people from around the world. Instead, on a balmy still warm June day, we took the 5.5km “bells rapid circuit walk trail”.

The walk was lovely, relatively easy with a slight steep climb at the very start once you crossed over the footbridge. Once up high we could see far down into the coastal plain. As we came down we took a bit of a detour and explored a bit more along the banks of the Avon, hopping across boulders, reliving our childhoods and larking about. It was a fun morning out!

After our walk we sat right next to the river and ate our lunch. Where we were sitting you could see changes in the colour of the rock that would indicate that in a few months time where out butts were would have been submerged in a torrent of water. I have seen the river roaring on tv before, but on this day it was hard to picture the river ever being so dangerous, it was more like a large puddle! I would definitely love to go up after the winter rains and see the changes to the river at this time.

Overall, a lovely day out but quite a long drive for a short trail. The trail was what we needed at the time though – I was still recovering from a mosquito borne virus and I think one of us who shall not be named was slightly intoxicated from the night before! lol! So a perfect little hike on a perfect winters day!

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2 Responses to Bells Rapids

  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure you took. That would be cool to see the racing on the rapids. I agree the river looks anything but dangerousđŸ˜„

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