A local walk

As the weather cools down it is time for the our little group of hiking girls to get back together and start hiking! After having suffered for a few months with a mosquito borne virus I couldnt handle a long big trail so it was decided that our first ‘hike’ would be a casual 6km stroll around Lake Mount Brown.

This was another one of those hikes that we didn’t know existed, yet is so close to where most of us live that we could have walked from our houses! We found this on the trailswa website, which we have since discovered is a great little site listing all the various walks around the wetlands in our region.

“The Beeliar Regional Park consists of two chains of wetlands comprised of 26 lakes and numerous wetalnds stretching 25km along the coast and covering an area of approximately 3400 hectares.

Lake Mt Brown lies in the western chain near the coast at Cockburn Sound. It has been created by a depression behind the coastal dune system. The wetlands were important camping, ceremonial areas and sources of food for Aboriginal people. The vegetation communities found in the park represent communities once widespread on the Swan Coastal Plain but now significantly decreased.”

It was great to finally get out after many months of being inactive, and also wonderful that Mrs H could come along. Having a young baby girl at home means she doesn’t get out on as many hikes as she likes, but i’m sure as her daughter gets older she might get more opportunities to join us.

After meeting at our rendezvous point at the Mount Brown Carpark (just off Cockburn Road opposite the Naval Base Village), we walked the 2km of sealed path through some decent wetland bushland. Once at the junction of the lake, the sealed path becomes a rocky limestone path typical of trails in this region. The loop around the lake was around 1.5km. On our way back we could have returned to the carpark and then followed a second trail from there up to the Mount Brown lookout, which is about 900 metres, but we cut through on a rough limestone track going up the side of Mount Brown. The views from the top were great, overlooking Cockburn Sound (which I should mention now is pronounced Co-burn and not Cock Burn as we kids used to giggle about when we were younger. The “ck” is silent folks!) I was very surprised by the views, actually, surprised by the fact Mt Brown even existed. How many times I had driven past here and not even noticed there was a ‘mount” (ok its a tiny hill, but for this flat coastal region it is quite high). Anyway after stopping for a snack, and taking in the view we headed back down to the carpark. I was glad to have managed this small hike and pull up ok afterwards, and also pleased that it was such a lovely day and that I had a new local trail that the family could easily do.
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3 Responses to A local walk

  1. lexklein says:

    I’m finally trying to get back out and active after a bit of a layoff also, so I know how you feel. Looks like a great little walk you had, and even better that it’s nice and close!

  2. Clare says:

    Hi Anna, it’s Clare (Wild Mustard), have you just had RRV? I had it 2015… crazy stuff!

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