Croatian Adventure, part 8 – Split

After 18 days of exploring the Balkans it was time to head back to our first port of call, the lovely city of Split. This time we came back 2 days early to make sure we had time to explore this port city which is full of amazing history and good coffee! I had fond memories of my previous visit to Split some 14 years earlier, so it was great to be able to come back and see it with my family in tow. Split did not disappoint – we had glorious sunshine with mild weather, our room just outside of the city walls was beautiful, and we could take our time and wind down before the long 26 hour plane ride home.

Split is full of history. The central core is pretty much an open air museum. This was the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s summer palace, and today you can walk around it, soak up the ancient feel and see the crumbling walls and buildings. Step out of the ancient centre and you have the Riva, home to a strip of cafes that while obviously very touristy orientated will still serve an awesome cup of coffee. Nothing beats sitting by the sea on a sunny morning sipping a glorious coffee and watching the world go by. A little further afield, along the harbor, is Marjan Hill, an oasis of green in this bustling port city and well worth a climb if you have the time.

Upon our first hour of being in Split, when we had awoken from our late night arrival and looked for a place to eat some breakfast and grab a coffee, my husband looked at me and said “If this is what Croatia is going to be like then I am going to love this place and we are so coming back”. This was before we had even seen anything of the city or Croatia, we had only walked one block from our apartment and had sat by the sea to eat!!! I am glad husband was suitably impressed by Split, and Croatia in general and he is already talking about returning in the future!

Some tips:

  1. For our first nights accomodation after our long flight we booked through and got a little apartment/room at Villa Kate. As we only stayed the night and took the bus to Dubrovnik the next day we didnt make full use of the room, but it had a little kitchenette would be handy for a longer stay, and the room was beautifully renovated. They also picked us up from the airport for a set fee which was cheaper than a taxi.
  2. Our accomodation on our return was also through with B&B Riva rooms. It was a beautiful large spacious newly renovated room with all the modcons. Located just outside the northern wall and the theatre. A real gem.
  3. A playground for the kids is located just outside the northern wall of the old town near the Grgur of Nin statue, on Kralja Tomislava (street).


This concludes my series on our Croatian Adventure! Taking our 4 year old daughter on her first long haul trip ended up being one of the best things we have done! Croatia is a perfect place to take your family on an overseas trip, and its also a perfect place for solo female travellers or really, any sort of traveller – from nature lovers, to historical fans, or to the young who love their techno music festivals and nightclubs. Croatia is a relatively safe place that has alot to offer. 6 months on at the time of writing this our Croatia trip is still a hot topic of conversation for our daughter – she loved the plane, she liked the pink church in Slovenia (Ljubljana), the waterfalls were cool (Plitvice), why was the statue of the Virgin Mary golden? (Zagreb), why did we have to wait so long in Rome airport? (Rome obviously!). She learnt so much, and so will you if you go!

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6 Responses to Croatian Adventure, part 8 – Split

  1. lexklein says:

    We didn’t give Split enough time, but the small amount we did see, we liked! Your Balkans trip was so full – easy to understand why it’s still so fresh in your memories.

  2. I miss this city, beautiful pictures!

  3. Lada Prkic says:

    I am so pleased that my hometown left such an impression on you and your family. Thank you for commenting on my post about the cafe and coffee culture in Split. I entirely agree with you: “Nothing beats sitting by the sea on a sunny morning sipping a glorious coffee and watching the world go by.” I would only add that sitting by the sea at sunset and being cooled by the slight breeze is heavenly. 🙂 Glad to meet you, Anna.

    • Anna says:

      Ah yes that is true…. Sunset is glorious there too, but with a 4 year old bedtime was before sunset! Haha. Many years ago my cousin from Zadar took me to split and we spent many sunsets by the sea. Happy to meet you too!

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