Croatian Adventure, part 5 – Into Slovenia

After spending time with the family it was onwards and northwards. I had organised to drop off our hire car in Rijeka so that we wouldn’t have to drive it into Slovenia, and also because I have two very good friends I hadnt seen in over ten years who live in Rijeka. After dropping off our car we went into the city centre, found our apartment and later on, Miss A and Mrs N came to meet up with us. It was so great catching up after so many years, having a coffee and icecream and enjoying a nice evening on the town. Thanks so much for taking the time to meet us you two lovely ladies!!!

The next morning we caught the bus to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was so beautiful driving through the Slovenian countryside, it is just so green and the villages are just so picture perfect! We arrived into the capital and and after walking around a bit we caught up with some more friends that I had communicated with for a number of years on the travel website .

It was so great finally meeting up with Miss M, and remeeting Ms K! Miss M was kind enough as well to take us to Lake Bled, which unfortunately was rained out! lol. She also told us about the famous Lake Bled cake that we just had to try, so of course, we did and it was truly delicious. The best cake we had in the balkans we reckon! Ljubljana is a really charming city as I knew from my first visit many years ago, but this time it was great to experience it with my family.

We are very grateful for the time and generosity that Miss M showed us. It was nice to learn more about Slovenia and to drive through more of the countryside, which I didnt have the chance to do last time. Thanks must also go to Ms K who found a playground and was willing to sit for a while and let Baby A have her play. I hope to meet you ladies again some day!img_4766img_4773img_4783img_4787img_4792img_4795img_4797

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4 Responses to Croatian Adventure, part 5 – Into Slovenia

  1. lexklein says:

    Too bad your Lake Bled day got rained out, but I’m glad you spent some good time in one of the most charming cities in the world!

    • Anna says:

      I’ll have to come back and explore Bled when the weather is better! I’ve seen photos on a nice day, it would be so magical!

  2. Halee Pagel says:

    Is it easy to travel around if you don’t know the language?

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