Croatian Adventure, part 3 – Nin

After our time in Mostar it was time to head back into Croatia and visit some family. My mother’s side originates from the small historic town of Nin, located about a half hour from the main city of Zadar. I had been here quite a few times in the past, but it was the first time in over 10 years I was coming back, and this time with my little family. I was looking forward to seeing my mum’s aunties and other relatives who I hadnt seen in a long time.

We arrived just after lunch from a 3 hour drive through the backroads of the mounainous region of Croatia. Welcoming us were my mum’s Aunty and Uncle, and it was just like coming back home. They were super happy to see us, and of course, a good lunch spread was laid out for our arrival. The next three days were just lovely – nice and warm, visits to the Nin lagoon (which has a sandy beach, which is rare for Croatia), plenty of cafe and icecream stops, and of course, being fed good old fashioned croatian food. My relatives have a beautiful plot of land where they grow all their own fruit and vegetables – by golly nothing beats croatian grown organic produce!!!

We also of course, visited some of the small historic spots in the town. Nin is famous as being one of the oldest religous towns in Croatia, and also was a seat for the Princes of Dalmatia. Today you can visit what is known as the ‘smallest cathedral in the world’, the Church of the Holy Cross, which located smack bang in the centre of the old historic town. There are also some old roman ruins to explore. My mother was born in a house directly on the square where the roman ruins were discovered! In town there is also a small museum and church which has some relics from the times of the old Croatian princes and bishops.

Nin is quaint and charming. Perhaps too small and quiet for the every day tourist to spend some days here, but being only a half hour from bustling Zadar, I would definitely urge you take the bus or drive out and spend a few hours exploring, beaching, and sitting in the small town square grabbing a drink.



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2 Responses to Croatian Adventure, part 3 – Nin

  1. lexklein says:

    Sounds like it was a great trip overall, and seeing family is always a bonus!

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