Croatian Adventure – part 2, Mostar

While not a part of our “Croatian” adventure, we decided that the opportunity to explore a different city in a different country was too good to miss. After picking up our hire car in Dubrovnik we took the short 2 hour drive to Mostar and spent 2 nights exploring and relaxing in this charming city.

After checking into our beautiful hotel, the Hotel Kriva-Cuprija we decided to head straight down to the famous landmark, the “stari most” (old bridge) to check it out and see if anyone was jumping. It was a warm steamy humid day, so the chance for baby A (who really should be called little A now because she is no longer a baby!) to explore the rivers edge was welcome, especially after the car ride too. While she enjoyed splashing rocks into the Neretva River, we actually saw a man toying with the crowd pretending to jump off the bridge, then pull back etc. There was an Australian lady sunbaking by the river who told us that he had been doing the same thing over and over since 10am when she had arrived, and now it was approximately 3pm when we got there, so a long time to be teasing the crowds. After half an hour or so it looked like he was finally going to do it, and sure enough he did! Little A was super excited to see the jump, and asked if she could see him do it again. Well it took him 5 hours to do that one, I had to tell her we werent waiting around for the next! So icecream it was to please the little one. For our first nights dinner we opted to take our hotels special of a traditional Bosnian meat dish cooked the traditional way under a earthenware/ceramic lid over hot coals. It was cheap and super delicious. Even better, because our daughter was so cute and the waitress loved her so much, she got given an extra piece of cake for dessert just for her. My daughter didnt like it, so myself and Mr R got to have it. Hooray for cute daughter scoring us free cake! lol

The following day we explored more of the city. We took things very easy and slowly – it was warm, the streets were very cobbled, and little A was a bit tired, so we just walked around, made lots of stops at cafes/icecream shops and just relaxed by the river. We also took a quick drive out to Blagaj to check out the dervish monastery before it got too warm. After our visit it was time for lunch, and through a tip I had read on a previous wordpress blog, we decided to have lunch at the Saray Restaurant because it said it had a playground at the back of the restaurant. This place ended up being a little gem of a find. While it wasnt a playground as such (more like a few little plastic toy slides/swings for the kids) it was enough for little A to have a grand time. There were lots of local muslim ladies drinking coffee togther, while their kids were playing, so little A had some new friends to run around and play with. At one stage I heard little A bossing them around, telling them what to do in english, and they told her something back in Bosnian/Croat. She wasnt going to get her way this time! While she played we had an awesome Cevapi dish (small bosnian sausages) and some fantastic coffee. When we got the bill we nearly fell over, it was SO cheap. We were super glad to have had the chance to eat at a more authentic local place – it benefitted little A, it was cheap, and we got to be with the locals.

Our night came to a close with myself going for a walk in the twilight while Mr R stayed in the room with little A watching cartoon network. Mr R was feeling a bit sick with a cold, and little A was just exhausted, so I had the chance to explore by myself, visit a mosque and venture further afield to check out some of the old buildings destroyed by the war and never patched up. We had such a lovely time in Mostar, and driving through the surrounding countryside makes us want to go back and explore more next time!


  • The child friendly Restaurant Saray “Aščinica Saray” is located at Karađozbegova 3. 
  • Euros, Croatian Kuna and Bosnian Marks can be used everywhere. To be honest, we never saw a Bosnian mark, we paid for things in both euro and kuna and always got change back in euro.
  • Definitely take the trip out to Blagaj Tekke, the monastery built for the dervish. Even if you aren’t into religious travel, the site itself located on a super green river is simply stunning.



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7 Responses to Croatian Adventure – part 2, Mostar

  1. lexklein says:

    I loved reading about your warm and simple family outing in a little town like this; it’s very refreshing! I visited Mostar with my daughter a few summers ago, and it was such a nice, relaxing afternoon away from the craziness of bigger cities. I particularly like your shot of the stony bridge and the early evening lights.

  2. inavukic says:

    Great stuff and oh, love those colouful lights – such a trade-mark in many homes there I gather. Have had a few coffees by that bridge myself 🙂

  3. Nice post! I was just in Mostar on my way to Sarajevo after 9 days in Croatia. What a different place Bosnia is from Croatia! Your pictures from Mostar are fantastic – I haven’t uploaded my camera shots yet I hope they are as good as yours. You might enjoy our trip log:

  4. Alison says:

    What a cool shot of the diver from the bridge! You caught that perfectly! We were in Mostar many, many years ago now, and we really enjoyed it, too. It was super hot when we were there, too, so we headed to a popular swimming spot where all the locals were escaping the heat, too. They seemed pretty surprised to see us there! As you say, it’s those authentic experiences that make travel so much fun. Cheers!

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