Croatian Adventure – part 1, Dubrovnik.

It’s been 2 weeks since our return from our big family trip to Croatia, and on this rainy cold Saturday night here in Perth I thought it was time to start writing about our trip and relive the warmth of the croatian sunshine.

Our first stop on our three week adventure was Dubrovnik. What people say about Dubrovnik is true, it really is the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ and it really does live up to its hype. We spent 3 days in the luxurious Hotel Libertas Rixos, a modern fancy resort clinging along the side of a cliff. The resort was about a 20 minute walk to the old town, or a short and cheap bus ride. We loved staying here because it was definitely good for our daughter, who is 4. They had a kids pool with a fountain in it, which kept her very happy indeed. Lots of space for her to run around too, and a decent size bedroom. I think if we had stayed in a small apartment in the old town centre it might of been a bit too much for her, she loves to roam and be free.

Our first full day in Dubrovnik was a glorious sunny day. Possible rain was forecast for the next day or two, so we decided to do the touristy things while it was sunny. With an early start, we were some of the first to be on the city walls. We walked the walls, amazed and taking a gazillion photos of the ocean, the city and the walls. After all that walking an ice cream stop for baby A and coffee for us was on the cards. We then walked through the town, taking in points of interest, the architecture of the buildings etc. We then decided to go and take the cable car up to Mount Srd, to take in the famous view of dubrovnik from above. Our plan hit a snag though – baby A was TERRIFIED of going on the cable car. She took one look at it and refused to go on. So Mr R took her back to town centre for more ice cream and I took it up to check out the views and take the photos. I don’t know why she was so scared of it, I think most kids would love to go on, but now out girl. Her screams and cries could be heard echoing through the ancient town walls I’m sure!

Our second full day saw it cloudy and drizzly on occasions, but we still went back into town to check out a few more things. First item on the agenda was to find a playground for baby A. We had promised that since she was an amazingly good girl the day before (apart from the cable car meltdown she really was an angel) we would take her to a playground. My googling found a spot right by the Pile Gate entrance to the old town. She had her play, then the drizzle came, so it was coffee and ice cream time. After the rain abated we headed up to check out Lovrijenac Fortress, which is just outside of the main walled town. We sneakily hung around a tour group who were taking the “game of thrones” tour, so we could see where certain scenes from the show were filmed without actually taking the tour. It was pretty cool to see where King Joffrey would have been sitting and stuff like that.

After a lazy few hours back in the hotel to rest, we took another walk towards the modern city centre, and to the harbour, where the cruise ships come in. On the bus into town I witnessed another playground near the water, so we took Baby A there for a play too. Right next to the playground was a replica tank and navy boat that was used to defend the town during the homeland war of the 1990’s. Try explaining to a 4 year old what the big truck with a gun sticking out of it is used for! Lol

We had a glorious time in Dubrovnik and enjoyed it immensely. After picking up our hire car we drove out of town on the high road overlooking the sea and made a promise to ourselves that we would definitely come back again in the future. It’s just too beautiful not to!

Some tips for travelling Dubrovnik (especially with a kid!)

  • Buses from around the outside of the old town are super easy to navigate and reasonably cheap, at 15kn a ticket. You can easily stay outside of the old town by the seaside, and go to the old town daily to explore.
  • For those with a kid, we discovered two playgrounds during our time there. One was right by the old walls, just near the Pile Gate. To get there, go down a small staircase which is located to the left if facing the Pile Gate. The other playground near the harbour was on Ulica Nikola Tesla.
  • Go as early as possible for the wall tour. We got there at 8.30am and it was pretty quiet, with plenty of room to move. This was helpful for baby A to walk around the wall, or when we had to pick her up to climb stairs. Towards the end of the tour, around 11am it was jampacked, and all afternoon we could see hordes of people jostling each other. Very hot in the sun,and very crowded on the walls. Go early!
  • You can buy water and icecream at a few points along the wall, but they are pricey and few and far between. Bring your own water bottle up.
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3 Responses to Croatian Adventure – part 1, Dubrovnik.

  1. inavukic says:

    Wow, stunning pictures but then what else can one expect from a stunning place <# nice post ❤

  2. lexklein says:

    I’m so glad you got away to enjoy this fabulous little city! Your post brought back warm memories of Dubrovnik. Like you, I’d love to go back.

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