Kitty Revisited

Our very first hike as a hiking group was back on a hot summers day to Kitty’s Gorge Trail in Serpentine National Park. A few years later we decided to revist this trail on a cool drizzly winters day. What a world of difference a change in seasons can make!

With hard rains falling in recent weeks the trickle we had seen in our summer hike had become more of a torrent. There were numerous small waterfalls and rock pools to be seen as well. The days weather consisted of sunshine with the odd scattered showers. Towards the end it rained quite heavily, which I was quite excited about it as I got to test out my Outdoor Research Helium II jacket for the first time (ive had it for a year bit rarely rains here to try it!). I was pleased that my jacket lived up to its hype, and is a great lightweight jacket to protect from the rain. For those of us that hiked this trail back in the brutal 38 degree celcius day, we were loving this cooler wet weather, and it was great to see the trail in a totally different light.

Another enjoyable hike with the usuals plus Miss J and Mr J!


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