Another Dwellingup Break.

Once again, the lovely Ms L organised a weekend getaway for the girls in our little ragtag hiking group. We had been to Dwellingup last year for a day trip, to hike the King Jarrah trail in Lane Poole Reserve, and had a great time. Dwellingup is a former timber town surrounded by gorgeous forests. At only an hours drive from Perth it’s a very accessible and popular spot for camping, hiking and mountain biking. This time though we decided to stay overnight in a little cabin at the caravan park, so that we could walk 2 days of the Bibbulmun track, which runs through the town.

On a fresh Saturday morning we arrived in Dwellingup, parked one of the cars in the town centre and drove 14km South to a spot that is easily accessible to the track. The walk was very easy, flat and following the old timber railway the whole way back into town. Some sections involved walking on the old rails, but most of the track was just beside it, most of the time in view.

After an easy days walk we had a lovely night by the wood fire in the cabin. (Once again we were thankful Mrs Y was around, who had the patience of a saint in lighting the fire). After a yummy feed, we kicked back and watched Eurovision while eating copious amounts of chocolate.

The next morning some of us were feeling bruised and battered, or just not in the mood for a walk. So we decided to just take it easy and go to Lane Poole reserve to scout around and find a nice spot to eat all our remaining food. Lol. We found a beautiful little spot by the river, and enjoyed ourselves before the clouds came in and it was time to go back home (to the piles of washing and housework!).

Yay for girls weekends away!

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1 Response to Another Dwellingup Break.

  1. lexklein says:

    Oh, how I’d love to have a ragtag group of girlfriends to hike with regularly! This sounds like a great weekend jaunt, both the hiking and the camaraderie. Of course, there’s always the coming-home price to pay, but glad you had a little nature break in such a pretty place!

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