Highest point on the Bib.

After a long hot summer the weather finally cooled down and our first hike of the season was upon us. It was a perfect day for hiking, dark and gloomy but no rain. Just the way I like it. This time our usual trio (myself, Ms L and Miss P) were joined by the lovely Mr J, the new fella in Ms L’s life. We had a lovely time getting to know Mr J while hiking through the beautiful bushland.

For this hike we chose to go to the highest point of the 1000km long Bibbulmun track. My american friends are going to piss themselves laughing at this one, but Mt Cooke is a whopping 582 metres (1900 feet) above sea level. Not exactly the Sierras or the Rockys right?

Starting at Sullivan Rock, just off the carpark on Albany Highway we walked through bushland and forest until we got to the Mt Cooke campsite, about 8km from our starting point. While here we stopped to snack before climbing to the top. While eating , two ‘elderly’ chaps came walking into shelter with HUGE backpacks. They were thru-hiking the Bibbulmun track and had started a week earlier at the northern terminus of the trail. Having read enough hiking blogs over the years, I know that hikers are a hungry lot who appreciate any freebies they can get. I had packed a lot of snack and junk foods to share with the group, but decided to give some of it to the guys. They were these yummy Italian chocolate sponge cake snacks and my usual bag of Salt n Vinegar chips. They were very appreciate and it felt great to be a ‘trail angel’ of sorts on the Bib Track.

After chatting a bit to we continued on to Mt Cooke. (All the while talking about their heavy 1970s style packs and hadn’t they heard of ultralight hiking lol). Once on top we stopped and ate our lunch overlooking the forest. It was awesome.

The walk back was uneventful. This section of the trail, apart from the gentle graded climb up to Mt Cooke was flat the rest of the way. It was a lovely day and I will definitely do Mt Cooke again in the future.


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1 Response to Highest point on the Bib.

  1. lexklein says:

    Good to see you out rambling about again! Looks like it was a great day.

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