A Sunny Winter Hike.

After months of summer, busyness and people’s schedules never fitting in, our first hike for winter was finally scheduled. The day came and it was cancelled before it even begun. One of Perth’s first big winter storms had arrived, making conditions too dangerous to be out in. (Death by tree branch or lightening not my ideal way to go!). Three weeks later was booked, and I was sick as a dog! But I wanted to get out so bad, so I dosed up on drugs and came out. Having researched our intended destination online beforehand I knew it would be an easy hike by our standards, and we had plenty of time to take it slow if I needed it, so I came along and was so glad I did.

The weather was perfect, a crisp morning and bright sunshine. We decided upon Bungendore Park for this hike, a regional bushland park located just outside the suburb of Armadale along Albany Highway. For readers who want to do visit this park in the future, please note that the street directories/Google maps and even the maps you find on the city of Armadale’s websites are not clear. You need to park at the “Christmas Tree Carpark” and follow the gravel path about 100 metres further in before you come to the welcome board with all the info you need for the park.

After an ominous start, with poorly signposted info, missing the turnoff and trying to make sense of the dodgy info we printed off the net, we came across the info board and still couldn’t make sense of all the paths on the map!! Haha. We could tell that no matter which path we took, and even if we crossed various paths, we’d probably do around 10km of walking and should be able to get back to the car. The park is small, it’s surrounded by semi-suburbia, and there was no real danger of getting lost forever and dying, so we just decided to wing it and walk around all the paths! Lol.

I’m so glad we did this. We encountered beautiful bushland, and saw some stunning birds that I didn’t even know existed in the Perth area. Even though I was sick, we took our time and the paths were flat, wide and clear, which made it pleasant even when feeling not the best. Bungendore really is a little gem of a nature reserve. As with a lot of parks in Perth it seems that “advertising” to let people know of these resources is lacking. I had never even heard of it before, it was through Ms L’s research that led us here. Money has obviously been spent here – there were brand new “dieback” stations in place, yet we were the only ones on trail, and it really looks like not many people come here. I don’t understand sometimes, how local councils spend money on beautiful natural facilities yet don’t tell people that they can use them!

But anyway we had a lovely morning crossing paths, skirting the edge of the park, and probably crossing the same paths again. It was just so nice to be out again with the girls and getting some sunshine!

Perfect day for a walk!

Perfect day for a walk!

The three (hiking) stooges.

The three (hiking) stooges.

A cloudy moment.

A cloudy moment.

The most confusing map ever.

The most confusing map ever.

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2 Responses to A Sunny Winter Hike.

  1. Jane says:

    It can be difficult to organise hikes. I seem to end up canceling so many that I’ve planned in advance due to weather or illness. I’m so glad you managed to get out on this walk even though you were feeling ill. Sometimes the beautiful scenery and fresh air aids in recovery as long as you go slow. It’s good for the mind anyway. Looks like a great spot and the sky is a fantastic blue! đŸ™‚

  2. Helen says:

    Fantastic post – entertaining AND informative! Miss you guys! And your photos make me miss the bush a bit too. Looks like you had a lovely walk and a beautiful winter’s day.

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