Baby A. Takes a Walk.

For a long while now I’ve seen a small carpark and a boardwalk leading off into the scrubland near our house. I’d been meaning to check it out for a while, but was always busy, or it was too hot bla bla bla. Today the heat left us, a cool breeze was blowing, and baby A.looked rather bored (even though we had been to the aquarium earlier in the day) so I told Mr R.that it was time we checked out the path.

We discovered a beautiful walk of 4.6km around Lake Coogee. The lake and surrounding wetland landscape are part of the Lake Coogee Conservation Area. Who knew? Not many it seems. I drive past here every day, yet never see any cars in the car park. A while back I looked on our local council’s website, and while they had info on other more popular walks they had no info at all about this walk. We didn’t even know the path looped all around the lake until we saw the information board hidden from the road behind a bush! This was part of the reason why I never wanted to try it alone during the weekdays with baby A. Just in case the path didn’t go around, or because nobody knows about it, it might be too quiet, therefore potentially dangerous for me being alone with a little one. This was the case. We were the only ones on the path, and there is a lot of bushland along the path. It was dead quiet. Which is nice of course, but this is in the middle of suburbia. Today is Sunday…. Imagine how quiet it would be during the week? Mr R also agreed that I’d only be doing this walk with him on the weekends or after work. I just can’t believe that our local council has spent all this money on the path, a boardwalk over the wetlands, and even benches to sit on around the lake, yet they don’t ‘advertise’ it, and nobody I know in the local area has ever been here either! Very weird.

Anyway we had a great walk. Baby A’s first “long” walk. We had the pram of course, but she charged off and ran a lot of it. Considering how action packed our day was already I thought she wouldn’t last as long, but she surprised us. Definitely time to perhaps explore the hills outside of Perth, and do a small trail in the bushland. We were very proud of how much she loved being out in the trees, pointing out the black cockatoos, and looking at Pelicans on the lake. Our little family will definitely do this walk again  in the future, especially when it cools down. I’ll also be telling my neighbours and locals about it, and hopefully more people will use this great path.

The route around Lake Coogee is in red.

The route around Lake Coogee is in red.

She strides forward like a boss!

She strides forward like a boss!

"Hurry up mummy and daddy!"

“Hurry up mummy and daddy!”

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3 Responses to Baby A. Takes a Walk.

  1. pctlionheart says:

    Looks like she’s ready for some long distance hiking!

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