The Ghost House Trail

After missing the last walk due to illness, Ms L was desperate to get out and do a hike. Even though the last hike was only two weeks prior, husband was kind enough to take care of baby A again so that I could come along and join in the fun. Our new hiking friend Miss H also came along for this one. It was decided we would go 40km north of Perth to the Yanchep National Park, and we would walk the 9.8km “ghost house trail”, named after the small ruins of an old weekender house that can be found during the walk.

It was a hot day. Even though it was only early November the day peaked at 38c (around 100f for my American readers). We set out early enough, and had finished the hike by 12, yet I think it being Perth’s first truly “summers day”, we really felt the heat. Just a taste of the next 6 months for us I guess!

The walk is relatively easy, no major inclines at all. You follow a small yellow triangle marker which has a picture of a ghost on it. It was quite shaded for the first bit, and then more exposed towards the end. Due to the threat of bush fires when you pay your national park entry fee you are given a form to fill out, where you state your personal details, phone number and your plans for the day. This is obviously so they know where you are in case of a fire emergency. For those wanting a first Aussie bush walk experience I would recommend this one – easy, well signed, it’s in a manned national park, and the picnic grounds even had a coffee shop there so you can buy cold drinks after.

Us girls once again had a lovely time chatting away. It was nice getting to know Miss H a bit more from the last hike – we have a lot in common with her (lots of gear talk!!!) and she is a perfect fit to our little ragtag group of “hikers”. Even though it was brutally hot, our camaraderie was high and the picnic lunch at the end with shared junk food was the perfect way to end the morning. Cheers ladies! 🙂

Some shaded relief

Some shaded relief

Walking the trail

Walking the trail

The "ghost house"

The “ghost house”

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2 Responses to The Ghost House Trail

  1. Jane says:

    I’m glad you could get away with some girl friends for this hike. Always important when you have babies, to get some break time! Sounds like despite the brutal heat, you had fun. I love old buildings and the crumbling remains of that one sends the imagination off into musing about past residents and activities. Lovely read. 🙂

  2. Malena says:

    How lovely to be able to get away and do some hiking sometimes!
    I wish we could get some of your sun. So far we have only had two hours of sun during the whole month of November. At least they said so on the raidio. I haven’t seen the sun at all though, so I guess I was busy working during those two hours.

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