Taking “charge”

The October hike was all set, Ms L had chosen the path, we got two newbies come and join the group, and the weather was going to be perfect. Unfortunately the day before Ms L, our fearless leader was sick, so the rest of us decided to still go on. While we don’t have any “leaders” as such in our little group, it is usually myself and Ms L who end up on most of the hikes, so I guess you could say I took over the reigns for this hike.

Of course, that meant we went the wrong way! Lol. We were meant to do the hike from the Hills Discovery Centre carpark in Mundaring to the Hewetts Hut campsite on the Bibbulmun track. But we went the opposite way and got to the Ball Creek Hut relatively quickly. Surely that was not 10km we thought? After looking at our map (which newbie Miss H had) we realised our error. I’m sure by this stage Miss H was wondering what the hell she was doing out with us bunch of disorganised dorks!

Anyway we backtracked, got back to the carpark, and decided instead of going all the way to Hewetts (which would made a long hike) we would go over the Mundaring Dam and just stop at the lookout on the side for lunch.

We still ended up doing around 10km that day. Not a bad effort. It was wonderful to finally get to meet Miss H, who I “met” here on wordpress! It was also wonderful to have Mrs AB along, who was out on her first walk with us. Mrs AB has a set of 1 year old twin bos at home, and it was the first time she had left them alone with their father! Her enthusiasm at being out in the bushland was contagious, and her knowledge as a Botanist meant that we got an education while out on the trail as well. After the initial hiccup, it ended up being another glorious hiking day!

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  1. ‘We went the wrong way’….. Sounds familiar.

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