Eagle View Trail

Last week our little merry group of girls were meant to walk the Echidna Trail at Walyunga National Park,but at the last minute we decided against it because the park would be jam packed with crowds who would be watching the yearly Avon Descent (a white water race that goes over 3 days and is raced on the Avon River, which just happens to go through Walyunga. We weren’t too keen to head up and potentially see hundreds of people crowding the riverbanks, so instead we went to the Eagle View Trail in the John Forrest National Park. I don’t think this second option was much better than the first – Perth’s first “spring feeling” day meant that the trails were just as busy! John Forrest NP is also probably the most closest and well known park to Perth city, hence why it was also busy on such a glorious day.

But it was still great! Once we deviated away from the shorter Rail Track walk the crowds thinned out it wasn’t as busy. The sun was out, there was a cool light breeze and we once again fell into a routine of walking, laughing, stopping, laughing, walking again. Our first snack break was at the Eagle View Lookout, which has sweeping views over Perth city. It was great seeing the airport not so far away, and watching the endless stream of planes taking off. For lunch we stopped by a little creek, another beautiful little spot for a rest.

Overall the trail is 15km, and is very well marked out. We didn’t even carry a map this time. This is definitely the most well used and easiest hike in terms of navigation and terrain, although the distance still gave us a good workout!

It was also the first time I got to try my new Brooks Cascadias. After reading numerous blogs about lightweight hiking, and the recommendation by many hikers that swear by these shoes, I decided to invest in a pair, because my old hiking boots just felt too heavy for such simple walks. I am so glad I got these shoes! They felt great, light and airy, yet still had lots of grip for the rocky sections. It was quite funny that after talking about lightweight hiking shoes for a while now, Ms L came rocking a new pair of North Face, and Mrs Y had some Regatta trail shoes. This hiking group is getting serious 🙂

Glorious day

Glorious day

Rocky outcrops

Rocky outcrops

Nearing the end

Nearing the end

We all indulged in new shoes!

We all indulged in new shoes!

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2 Responses to Eagle View Trail

  1. Helen says:

    Maybe I’ll be back in time to do the Echidna walk with you! It stills looks really dry up there, considering we’re almost at the end of winter. I’d be interested to hear about how all the shoes went. I was eyeing off the new North Face gortex ones in the shop the other day – they looked pretty nice!

    • annathrax says:

      We pencilled in sept 14 for the next walk. If you are back than you are welcome!
      Mrs L loved her north face, she found them very comfy. She has really long narrow feet, and they suited her well. My brooks were awesome, but i made the mistake of wearing thin cheap big w socks. I did get a blister by the end. But i know its the socks, not the shoes. I always have this problem with cheapo socks. Stupid of me to forget my thicker kathmandu ones!

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