Just the two of us….

With the weather predicting a scorching 38C, the February hike through the hills of Mundaring was potentially going to be tough, and as a result, most people were “too busy” to come for the hike. I don’t blame them, for most a day at the beach would seem more enticing then a day inland in the beating heat. Luckily myself, and Ms L.are both as mad as each other, and the two of us set out on the 8km loop of the Paten’s Brook Track, with the start of the trail located at the carpark of the Perth Hills National Park Centr.

So we started off early, and even though it was hot early, the actual trail was not as bad as we anticipated – the path was predominately covered in beautiful forest, thus providing us with the shade we so desperately wanted. I think if the path was “out in the open” with no tree coverage it would of been a different story. So myself and the lovely Ms L walked merrily on our way, chatting away non stop, and not even really feeling the heat.

Thankfully shady.

Thankfully shady.

Me and tree

Me and tree

We had a 5 minute rest stop at the Paten’s Brook Campsite, sitting on a picnic bench under some pines, and then continued on. It was shortly after that we came across a small burnt out area, obviously from recent fire. Sadly, I presume due to the fire, we missed a marker on the trail, and deviated on an access road. It was not fun on the road – hot of course, and feet pounding the pavement. Luckily with our map, we took a small trail back to the main trail, and were rewarded with a stunning view of the Mundaring Dam. We would of done anything to have gone down and dipped our feet in the water! We finished the hike in just over 2 hours, sat in the shade back at the carpark and ate our lunch, then headed home – exhausted but generally in good shape considering how hot it was! Thanks for another great hike Ms L!

Lake CY O'Connor

Lake CY O’Connor

Looks inviting.

Looks inviting.

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