A family hike

After the intense heat of the November hike, and with summer obviously officially beginning, it was decided that our hiking group’s December hike would be short, and more of a “picnic” on the banks of Lake Leschenaultia. (so that if it was too hot we could go for a swim too!). Lake Leschenaultia is located in the Perth Hills region, close to the small township of Chidlow. It is a popular spot for picnics, with excellent facilities for families, and some nice walking paths and trails around the lake and surrounding bushland.

As is often the case, what you think will likely happen didn’t happen! It wasn’t hot at all! While our November hike was in 38 celcius, our day out here was only 27 – so we could of organised a more strenuous and exciting hike, but nevertheless we did have fun, and it was great to have the chance to take baby A on her first “hike”

The path around the lake was only 3km, and was on rough gravel, so with a heavy duty stroller it was fine. After the hike (well it was more like a leisurely stroll compared to other hikes I’ve done) those of us with children set up table and had a picnic. A few of the ladies continued and did another 5km on a trail that left the lake and went more bush, on a trail that definitely wasn’t pram friendly.

Overall it was a lovely day. The drive out was fantastic, only taking an hour from home. Baby A behaved very well and loved being out in the trees and seeing “birdies, birdies!”. It was a very picturesque spot that I never knew existed until now – another reason why I am loving our little hiking group, as I’m discovering places around home I never knew existed before. Another month another hike done. Bring on the January hike!

Aussie bushland at its finest

Aussie bushland at its finest

The December group.

The December group.

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