miami “heat”.

A quick chance to visit friends in Miami had me flying over for 4 days of fun and sun. Miami definitely provided alot of both! What does one do in Miami for 4 days? Laze around, shop shop shop, sit by Ocean and drink cocktails, check out the sea and in general for myself, DO NOTHING (since my baby was being watched after back home!!!)

For me my fave shopping spot by far was the beautiful “The Webster Miami”. Even though it houses mega expensive labels like Saint Laurent, Chanel, Celine etc, there were still some manageable pieces on offer from the likes of Alexander Wang, Theyskens Theory etc. I had fun trawling through the racks, trying on $30,000 Chanel jackets, and sipping on a drink that the downstairs barman created. A really relaxed place, and a great chance to do some potential star spotting (think music, sports stars etc.)

One thing I always love about Miami is the glorious sunshine, and being able to sit on the main drag, in a beautiful old art deco building, and watching the passing parade of wannabes and holidaymakers walk on past. I sat at the Palace (“cause every queen needs a palace!”) and made friends with some wonderful gay guys who shouted me drinks because they loved my aussie accent! It was sooo wonderful to feel like the “old style traveller” I used to be (pre-baby I mean).

south beach art deco

south beach art deco

Then of course there is Miami’s famous beach. It was nice enough, but it was a really hot day and I actually wasnt in the mood for swimming. I did see many vacationers from around the US taking chairs and coolers full of drinks, spending the day by the sea. While the beach is nice enough, I do find Miami’s waves a bit too rough. I prefer bath type still waters because I’m a wimp!

the beach!

the beach!

Overall 4 days was obviously pretty short for a 38 hour flight. But you still can accomplish alot in Miami, as there isn’t so much to see in the standard ‘touristical’ sense (ie. it ain’t no Paris or New York.) Miami is a place to chill, to drink, to live the ‘high life’, or pretend to anyways. 4 days was enough for me to experience that, but I must admit, I was ready to come back home to my girl because I did miss her!!!

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  1. Love South Beach art deco. Love Miami too. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

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