The Airbus A380.


So ok, the A380 has been around for a while now, and im sure many of you long haul travellers have been on it, but after a hiatus of over 2 years due to the pregnancy and birth of baby A I finally got the chance to travel, and was fortunate enough to land a spot in business class on this big bad baby!


With A’s grandmother coming to stay from Peru it was the perfect chance for me to escape for a week and go somewhere. Now most normal people would fly close by someplace… close by to Perth being somewhere like Bali, or Singapore. But no, not me, i chose to fly to Miami to visit a dear friend of mine I hadn’t seen in 7 years or so!
35 hours of travelling to spend 3.5 days in Miami, then 38 hours flying back home. 6 days away in total! Yes motherhood has rendered me slightly crazy!


I took the flight over in economy/coach, because of course there is no way I can afford to fly business now that we have a baby! (and I cannot justify spending that amount of money when it could go to my child’s education or future anyway!). Anyway the flight was nice enough, but being in coach for that amount of time was pure hell! I couldn’t sleep, I was feeling sickly in the tummy, and I was questioning my sanity. So…. on the flight back I checked my points, and realised I had enough to upgrade from LAX – Sydney to business!!!! And not only that, but it was on the A380! I jumped at the chance and i’m glad I did!


Qantas’ service at the best of times is top class. Even domestic flights are great, where you are provided with a meal, alcohol, in flight entertainment etc. Domestic on Qantas “craps” all over domestic on any US domestic flight. (American companies could use some tips from Qantas when it comes to service to its passengers). Anyway if economy is good, business is PHWOAR!!!!

Once up in the air we were served our courses – a light salad, a choice of 6 mains (I had one of those fancy gourmet beef burgers that has ingredients i’ve never heard of in it). Dessert was an amazing caramel custard with strawberries. And of course, drink what you want! After dinner the stewards came and “turned our beds” – a thin mattress placed onto the chair that turns flat, they even tucked the blanket in for me! It was better then being at mum’s house!!! I managed to sleep – for 7 hours!!! Proof that I can fly on planes (albeit I need to be flat). As we came towards Sydney I got out of my Qantas pyjamas, took my Kate Spade amenity kit into the toilets, and freshened up with the creams and lotions that were inside. Best flight of my life!!!!


But alas, all good things must come to an end. After 3 hours in Sydney it was back to economy for the flight home to Perth. At least the LAX to SYD flight made me feel refreshed and ready for the last 4 hours home! When I got back to Perth and saw baby A after 6 days…. argh, the best feeling in the world!!! Leaving my girl was hard, being away from her for the first time was tough, but flying home in business on the amazing A380 kind of helped ease the tension! 🙂

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2 Responses to The Airbus A380.

  1. I can just imagine how difficult it must be for parents when they take their first trip abroad without bub…you did it!! and you did it in style, am sure it took the edge off 😉 Will enjoy watching you guys evolve into confident family travellers. I’ve met so many gorgeous people travelling with kids in tow for short and long periods. YES…everything is possible if the desire is strong enough.
    Enjoy the ride x

    • annathrax says:

      Thanks for visiting! I have so many more travels to add, but I’m always busy reading other blogs and getting inspired! Our first trip with baby is next month – just to Singapore, but its a “practice” trip for the big one to Peru!! So I’ll be sure to add posts about that trip- hopefully good news that our baby loved flying and she was a model child! Lol. Fingers crossed!

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