A Day Trip to the Pinnacles

Alessandra has grown up – at 9 months we finally decided we were ready to give a day trip a go. With our friend M having arrived from Croatia, settled in, and ready to see some more of the city and its surroundings we decided that the Aussie day long weekend would be a good chance to spend one of the days exploring the pinnacles, a sandy desert like feature located in the Nambung National Park.

The drive from Perth takes about 2.5 hours, a good half hour saved due to the new Indian Ocean Drive. Most of the drive passes scrubby bushland, with glimpses of the ocean. It’s a good stretch of road to spot kangaroos and emus as well, although hitting one of these creatures is a dangerous situation to be in.

We arrived at the Park, paid our fee ($11 per car) and got out, being hit by instant heat. It was a hot day (note to tourists, expect a shitload of flies and intense heat between dec-April). We prepared Ale with her hat and loads of sunscreen and off we went to explore!

Our girl is exploring!

Our girl is exploring!

The great thing about the pinnacles is that you can take your car around the park by following a marked circuit. This is a must on those hot days, when the idea of walking around without shade makes you want to cry! (Been there and done that before, it was not fun). We followed the dirt track in our car, stopping in designated parking bays and getting out for photos when a feature caught our eye, or more the case, when we saw a phallic looking rock! (Thank god Ale is too young to know how juvenile her parents are!) After the circuit we drove a bit further on to Cervantes, a sleepy fishing village that has a few shops, a pub, a caravan park and a petrol station. Had some fresh fish and chips, fed our girl, and got organised for the drive back home. Our girl was fantastic – she was great in the car, was patient when M took a million photos of one rock (he’s such a tourist!) and she even ate some fish!

Lets find the one that looks like a ......

Lets find the one that looks like a ……

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3 Responses to A Day Trip to the Pinnacles

  1. Gail says:

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my Smoothies post! One of these days my husband and I hope to get to Australia. Any recommendations??

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