Touristy Central.

So after a few days of being in the overly touristy schmuck town that is Cancun it felt great to finally be on the road and begin our tour down to Guatemala. Cancun itself isn’t that bad – I was fortunate to be in the town centre, surrounded by locals with no tourists in sight. While it wasn’t very attractive, and has nothing to really offer the tourist, I preferred it because at least I was away from the white trash American spring breakers who were hitting the beaches in barely there bikinis and large bottles of beer. There was a day I decided to hit the main tourist strip, a good 4km walk in the searing Mexican sun. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful sea, browsed some shops and enjoyed a cool drink in a cafe. But otherwise it was just too crowded, too smutty and too “americanised” – it wasn’t the Mexico I imagined!

Leaving Cancun was exciting, and even though it was only to Tulum, which being so close to Cancun was also overrun with tourists, it at least felt like the adventure was starting for real.

Tulum was crowded. With American families who had children that didn’t value what they were seeing. “Mom can we go back to the pool now, this place is so boring!”etc. etc. It took a lot of effort to even take a photo without a person in it, that’s how crowded it was. It was also steaming hot. Walking around in the mid afternoon sun was trying, even for a ruinaholic like myself! But I wouldn’t of had it any other way. My first Mayan ruins, the first of many, will forever be ingrained in my mind.

tucan 037

tucan 030

tucan 035

After spending some time exploring the ruins, and admiring the sea views from the cliffs above, we went to our first nights stop, a charming town called Bacalar, on the shores of the lake with the same name. Lake Bacalar is known for its 7 shades of green and blues. It is such a chilled out spot after the chaos of Cancun. We stayed in a lakeside hotel which I think, we were the only people to be staying in! The piña coladas were cheap, we had the pool to ourselves, and enjoyed sunset over the lake. Sadly didn’t see 7 shades of color though, more like 2! Lol.

tucan 058

A short time in Mexico, where some would argue was “barely” Mexico since Cancun is more USA then Mexico. But I enjoyed my little taster of this country, and would love to explore the “real” Mexico some day in the future.

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3 Responses to Touristy Central.

  1. Mladen says:

    Tulum means party. ^^

  2. Fergy. says:

    I do so envy you Mexico, Anna.

    I have wanted to go there, and Central America but it looks like Cancun is as bad as I had heard. I was told a story once that he site of Cancun was decided by a computer, don’t know if it is true. They factored in weather, hurricane likelihood, numbers of locals living within a certain radius that could work there etc. and it came up with Cancun so the Government built a resort there.

    I cannot wait to read your thoughts about “real” central America.

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