Fun in the Maldives

I dont think a paradise as beautiful as the Maldives was quite ready for our merry little group of 4 when we arrived for Christmas of 2007. How could such a serene tranquil place be the scene of such stupidity and disorderly behaviour? Let me tell you – all inclusive resort!

Having 10 days off over Christmas myself,and 3 who will remain nameless (for obvious reasons) wanted to go to a place that was tropical, not too far from Perth, and would be “reasonable” in price (for such a place). Club Med Kani, a half hour speedboat ride from the Maldives capital of Male was our chosen place. I was a bit worried about the “all inclusive” tag, thinking we’d have to be doing activities we might not want to, but it was anything but!The island was actually very peaceful, and activities were organised if you wished to join, or otherwise you could do many excursions independently.

So here we were, on our beach chairs, enjoying the scenes. It was after breakfast, only 9ish or so, on our first day, when we realised the bar was ALREADY open and that they were making delicious “cocktails”. We had some yummy tropical cocktails, they weren’t alcoholic, or so I thought! A few drinks later and I was smashed by 10am. As staff came around with cold platters of fresh pineapple and watermelon, I proceeded to grab a piece of fruit, and managed to totally miss my mouth and smash it on my face. What a fail. That was just the start of the stupidity – later on when “sobered up” (or so I thought) I grabbed my new snorkelling mask that I had bought for this trip. I put it on my face, and was wondering why one side was black and blurry. This mask was stupid and a rip off I told my friends. “No you loser , there is a caution label on the left eye you need to peel off” was their reply. Another fail. Btw I do have pictures of these moments, but if my daughter reads this “online diary” in the future I don’t want her thinking her mother is a trash bag. Photos of me drooling with pineapple on the side of my face is not a pretty picture.

welcome to paradise!

tropical paradise

idiot with “broken” goggles

So far, so trashy. Time to shape up and be model vacationers. Lets learn to windsurf! Club med offered numerous activities, with staff to help you learn. I had always wanted to try windsurfing, but was scared to do it here in our colder and rougher seas. The calm warm waters of the lagoon would be the way to learn! After many attempts, I finally got up… And couldn’t turn around. Sure enough, I was heading straight towards the “welcoming jetty”. I couldn’t stop, so jumped and had the windsurf crash into the jetty. Of course, two of my travel companions came by on their kayak, laughing their heads off, and giving me a “tow” back to shore. And the staff member came on his speed boat to the side of the jetty to collect the windsurf. Bloody fail!!

How about sports fishing? You can’t stuff that up right? Myself, along with S. paid our money to go deep sea fishing. Earlier that day some Austrians caught huge tuna, so we were keen and ready for some big game fish. Of course, I think I was the jinx of this trip- we did not get one bite! Hours on the sea and not even one fish. When we came back to the resort after our excursion our friends, along with the staff who organised the trip asked what fish we had caught and that they would get the chefs to cook it for us that night. You can imagine how embarrassed we were when we had nothing! We apparently were the only ones in ages who had come back with nothing. Fail fail fail. Lol

the arrivals jetty… which i hit into with my windsurfer. and yes the water really is that blue, no editing done!

towing service….

We had such fun on this trip, even though its not my usual “style” of travel. I would recommend Club Med Kani for a trip to the Maldives for sure, especially if you are young and up for fun. It’s not a honeymoon type of place at all, unlike the other fancier resorts, so you wouldnt feel totally uncomfortable if you came alone, or with friends. The staff were fantastic, the food and drinks, and the variety of them were amazing. And of course, the sea and its fantastic marine life were out of this world. This really was one of my best vacations ever, and I think it was because I “let loose” and lived a little, instead of my usual travels of backpacking alone, cautious for security and safety, and being overly money conscience. We all need a splurge once in while!

christmas comes to the maldives, hi ho santa!

* please note, these were just some of the funnier, tamer stories from the trip. other stories involving shitting in the sea and falling over drunk are not allowed on this blog to protect those who did these activities!

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2 Responses to Fun in the Maldives

  1. Mladen says:

    Haha, this is (still) so funny!

  2. Mirebella says:

    Sounds like a memorable hols for sure. Different type or hols beckons now 🙂

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