Famous “Maya Bay”

It was after watching the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio that i just knew i had to see this beautiful beach for myself once in my life. I also knew though that it would probably be over run with tourists, and that i might not particularly like it. So from Phuket my friend and I took a daytrip to Phi Phi Island, where the famous Maya Bay is situated. I was actually not disappointed. It was a perfect day, the bay was still and calm, and believe it or not, there were actually not that many tourists. You could still lay on the beach, there was room to throw a ball or play frisbee, and it was quite clean considering how many people probably do come with water bottles and plastic bags and whatnot.

After the visit to Maya Bay we also explored some other coves and bays. They were even more impressive! While some of these coves/bays do not have any beach access (think cliffs shooting straight out from the sea) to enter them, and be in a circle surrounded by massive high cliffs is something truly unique. I would definitely recommend a day tour at least to see t he famous May Bay, and other surroundings.

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