A Magical Night in Granada, Spain

It was one of those nights that will just stay in your memory forever. Alot of nights when travelling are like that, but this one was extra special.

We were on our way to see a flamenco performance in a theatre, in the historic quarter known as the Albaicin. Night was slowly creeping in on this beautiful May evening. As we strolled through the cobbled streets of this ancient quarter we suddenly heard the shrill cries of a modern day “gypsy”. In reply, someone else in the valley also called back, in a sing-song voice. That typical shrill “aye aye aye” and roll of the tongue, i simply do not know how to describe it.

As we continued to walk, the echoes of the yells between the people who live in the small cave-like dwellings continued to ring out through the valley. It really added to the “feel” to this city that already impressed us so much.

After stopping by in a small bar, tucked in a cave on the side of a hill, we then continued to the second part of this glorious night – a flamenco guitar, a dancer, on stage performing. The sounds of the guitar, the brilliant playing, and the twirling of the lady in red were another addition to what was already a perfect night.

Then the sun set on the red-hued alhambra, and i knew that this was a day to savor forever.





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3 Responses to A Magical Night in Granada, Spain

  1. Mladen says:

    When was this? One of those first European trips? Looks nice and serene!

    • annathrax says:

      hey mla
      yep, this was just before i came to croatia to visit you, back in 2006 i think it was! the alhambra in spain is one of my most fave places on earth!

  2. erinfrances says:

    Ohh, this makes me miss Spain very much. So glad you’re enjoying!!

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